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Wu Tao Dance


Wu Tao is a transformative practice with carefully designed dance, music and meditation that helps you heal.

Wu Tao Dance combines powerful music, calming meditation and energising dance in one unique exercise that is practiced by thousands across the globe.

The true healing power of Wu Tao Dance Therapy lies in its accessibility; anyone can practice it.

The balancing movements are dynamic yet flowing and easy to follow, meaning there is no stress on any part of your body.

Through grace, energy and authentic self-expression, Wu Tao Dance will help restore balance and joy to your life.

What is the structure of the class?

After doing stretches and other body awareness exercises, we do a dance meditation. We dance five basic dances (five elements – air, water, wood, fire, earth), and few additional. We close the dance session with meditation that integrates the healing.

In Croatia, you can practice this beautiful dance meditation only with Egli , who is the only Instructor of Wu Tao dance in this part of Europe.

This summer (2017) join us in Wu Tao dancing, on the Coast of North Adriatic!

For more information about the location, timing and other details of dancing, feel free to Contact us