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Shiatsu treatment


Shiatsu is a pleasant body-work relaxing, healing and stress-releasing technique that supports free flow of energy, and brings the whole system into a state of balance.

Whether you want to resolve your health problems, change negative thinking patterns, release emotions of grief, anger, shame or fear…activate various aspects of your life (finance, business, partnership…), or you simply want to feel better, relax and enjoy…

Shiatsu might be a perfect solution for you…

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu is a treatment that uses touch as a main tool to release energy blockages in your body. When the energy flows freely, balance is restored, and healing happens naturally…

With free flow of energy in your system, everything happens with ease, and without blocks.

Shiatsu treatments are very pleasant and mild, yet very powerful in their healing effects.

Shiatsu may be used:

– when faced with physical challenges (back pain, shoulder blade pain, headache, stomach, etc.)
– when you want to transform unpleasant emotions (sorrow, anger, fury, anxiety fear, guilt, shame)

– to release trauma,
– with challenges of perception, pessimistic and excessive thoughts, undesired life patterns, etc.

– when you need support in order to make the right decision,

– in order to support movement in some life aspects,

– to support health.