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Quantum Healing


Quantum Healing is a powerful energy process based on quantum physics, that sometimes leads to instant healing! During QH process, practitioner enters into the state of mind emptiness, creating strong energy vortex that can move you from one quantum reality to another. Quantum Healing process has proven to be one of the most effective technique of healing, personal transformation and manifestation of the life you want to live.   

What many spiritual philosophies have claimed for thousands of years, quantum physicians have recently proven scientifically: emptiness is the source of unlimited amount of energy. As a result of this research, a number of powerful healing techniques was developed in the past few decades, but the underlying technique that all other quantum approaches are using, including Quantum Healing process,  is the zero point field.

In  Quantum Healing process,  I, as the practitioner of this technique mentally set the intention to move you from Point A (a point in which you experience specific problem – physical ailment, emotional, financial problem etc.) to point B (point in which your desired new reality  is achieved – physical health, emotional or financial freedom, etc.).  Then I enter into the state of neutrality and complete emptiness of mind (zero point field), creating a powerful energy vortex, with you being in epicentre of this healing vortex.

Because of the intention set to move you from one reality to another, the energy is directed toward releasing of your blocks (negative beliefs, thoughts, toxic emotions, physical ailments, financial blocs etc.) that prevent you from living the reality you want, and transformation is initiated.

What can you expect during the treatment?

During the treatment, you  may experience rotations (because of the energy circulation) , swinging (moving from the position of problem to the position of solution), different body sensations such as heat, cold, etc., but you can also experience mild form of nausea (because of blocs being released).

How Quantum Healing actually works?

Application of QHP may result in instant healing (there is an evidence of tumour being healed within three minutes),  but this  depends mostly on your ability to release the blocks. In most cases however, the blocks are removed layer by layer, and healing happens in phases.  Nevertheless, after each process of Quantum Healing, your consciousness increases,  your personal vibration is lifted to a new level, and you start resonating with new and  more constructive realities.

Zero point field technique that is used in Quantum Healing process has proven to be one of the most effective technique of healing, personal transformation and creation of life you want to live.

Quantum Healing is a complimentary healing practice which is normally combined with other healing practices, but can also be used as a stand alone energy treatment.

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