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Past Life Regression


Have you ever asked yourself why some unpleasant scenarios are constantly repeating in your life? Why you had to go through a physical decease, or some other painful experience, for which you cannot find logical reason?

Have you ever thougth of finding answers to these questions through past life regression?

Each story that remains unfinished, lesson that we don’t learn, or suppressed emotion that we do not resolve is passed on to our next life, and then we must pass through the similar experience again.

Ana, one of my clients had asthma since she was a child. She came to past life regression session out of curiousity. During the process, she realized that in her past life she was almost strangled. That event made strong emotional trauma, which she did not let go, thus she carried it to this life. In this life, it manifested through asthma.

In the past life regression she obtained directions on what she had to work on. And indeed, when she managed to release the suppressed emotions and trauma carried on from the past life, very soon asthma disappeared.

You may spend your whole life searching for answers. But if you are open enough, through past life regression you may come to these answers in only one session, and resolve burdens that you carry with yourself for lives.