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Inner Smile – Ancient Taoist practice that will make your whole system smile – from the inside out!


When we are happy, we smile. Genuine smile comes from the heart, and heart is home to our spiritual energy.

We are all born with certain amount of spiritual energy (some more, some less). If we have more spiritual energy in our system, we will experience more constructive realities. The amount of spiritual energy most people are born with, is not enough for a happy living, but luckily, with some techniques, every individual can accumulate more spiritual energy, thus increase the quality of life.

Spiritual energy also has great healing powers. With sufficient amount of spiritual energy in our system, emotions of fear, anger, sorrow or anxiety are easily transformed into a pure joy.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, each emotion is related to specific organ in our body. Joy is related to heart, fear is related to kidneys, sorrow to lungs and worry to spleen. When we transmit the energy of joy from our heart to different organs in our body, all these emotions are transformed into a pure joy.

This is what Inner Smile practice is all about. Inner Smile is one of the oldest, and yet one of the most effective Taoist meditations ever.

If you include this meditation into your daily routine, you will soon notice that unpleasant emotions have disappeared and turned into a pure joy. After awhile, your vibration will be increased, and your whole body will be smiling – from inside out!