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Do you face insomnia,  phobiasor fears?

Are you unsatisfied with the way you look, but find it difficult to control your urge for food?

Perhaps you wish to quit smoking, drinking, or break with some other undesired habit or pattern,  or you simply want to boost motivation and self confidence?

Have you ever considered resolving your challenges through hypnosis?

Causes of these and many other problems that we face, are registered in our subconscious mind.

Subconscious mind is very powerful, and when we change its programs, we can change anything we want in our lives.

This is what happens in the hypnotic sessions.

During hypnosis, you are in the state of deep relaxation, and despite of being completely aware of everything, you are directly connected to your subconscious mind. Thus, you are able to accept suggestions and affirmations given by the therapist, aimed at changing the undesired structure of your mind, and creating a different structure, that supports you in your intention, as well as in living your full potential.

How many therapies are needed for the problem to be resolved?

How many therapies are needed to resolve specific problem, depends on each individual case. If you want to resolve your smoking addiction, one or two therapies might be enough (provided that you also do self-hypnosis). However some more serious problems (e.g. when the problem of low self esteem exists for decades, or when drinking addiction is present for decades), it normally requires more sessions, usually combined with some other practices.

Personal responsibility:

Nevertheless, success of your therapy will depend mostly on your will and determination to resolve the problem. This is exactly why it is very important that until new habit or pattern is created, you also do a self-hypnosis.

Areas where Hypnotherapy may be used:

  • resolving fears and other phobias,
  • insomnia,
  • smoking addiction,
  • drinking addiction
  • resolving other undesired habits or patterns,
  • painless delivery
  • boosting self confidence
  • boosting motivation and goal orientation
  • resolving  financial issues (inability to accept /keep money  due to inadequate beliefs),
  • in many other situations…