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Chakra Healing


Chakras are energy centers in our system, through which we pull the energy  from the Universe.

We are born with open chakras, but when faced with stressful situations our chakras become blocked. This is a natural reaction of our system to protect itself from further attacks.

When your chakras are blocked, not only that you cannot pull the energy from the Universe, but the blockages in chakras negatively manifest in all aspects of your life (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Blockages due to different stressful situations are first reflected in your mental body, followed by emotional, then etheric, and in the end they are manifested in your physical body, through different physical ailments.

Chakra Healing is a group process of energy healing that includes meditations, opening chakra exercises, as well as individual healing process conducted for each participant, that includes cleaning of his/her energy bodies and opening of chakras.

Note: Chakra Healing and Energy body healing can also be done individually.