About me

Egli Ilić, Therapist and Coach

Even though my primary profession is economics, and I spent number of years working as a finance analyst within the World Bank, my life journey redirected me to another path, and today I am completely dedicated to therapeutic work.

I am attending various educational programs that enable me to work with people since 2006 (relations, emotional and goal management, communicology etc.). In 2012 I have completed a four year coaching program, that integrates a wide range of very powerful tools and techniques of personal transformation. Some of these include neuro-linguistic programming, working with family relations, holotropic breathing, quantum transformation techniques and others. I have also completed education for hypnotherapist and regression therapist. I apply techniques to my clients on a daily basis.

In order to support my clients in their personal transformation, I also use number of spiritual practices. As Akhasic Code Practitioner, I help my clients connect with akhasha field, in order to work on their personal akhasha inscript. By combining Akhasha Healing process, with past life regression, I support my clients in their endevour to resolve the issues they bring on from past lives.

Great deal of my work pertains to various energy techniques, coming from Taoist philosophy. These include Shatsu, but also beautiful dance meditation Wu Tao , with me being the only instructor of this dance in Croatia and in the region, certified directly from the creator of this dance, Australian Michelle Locke.

Together with my colleague, Sanja Maltar, I have created Quantum Timeline, very powerful program of personal transformation and manifestation of the desired reality that uses quantum approach to personal development.

I combine these techniques depending on needs of my clients, that is, depending on the concrete problem that the person is coming with, or wants to resolve.

I am convinced that, regardless of one’s life experience, and challenges that arise from that experience, everyone can achieve peace of mind, create life and live the life of their own values. Through my entire work I support my clients on their path of personal transformation.